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Automate and cut costs.

© AI Procedure assists micro and SME to effectively integrate AI, automate repetitive tasks and cut costs.

The tools.

We use a variety of tools and personalized approaches to identify areas of improvement with the two main goals of 1/ achieving the same or better results faster 2/ and cut costs for your business operations. Almost any task can be performed by AI or automated.Fill in the form to book a call. And we will also send you the list of the most common AI tools we use for our customers.

Use cases.

The use cases are unlimited. We’ve achieved great results for customers in the areas of task automation, sales personalization, lead generation and scrapping, marketing in terms of design, copywriting, audio and video generation at scale.

The process.

1. Fill out the form to talk and understand what you do better.2. Identify if we are a good fit (basic analysis from our side).3. Choose a plan – standard or premium. Pricing starts at 399 euros/month.4. Deep analysis from our side – two weeks to two months depending on your operations.5. Integrations – one to three months.6. Maintenance. “If you take care of things, they last.” - Unknown.

Automation examples.

🤖 Backing up files on a regular basis.🤖 Payroll, bill payment, invoicing, and receipt generation.🤖 Processing routine forms (data entry).🤖 Content management for social media.🤖 Assigning inbound leads to sales representatives.🤖 Website traffic tracking.🤖 Routine customer e-mails, such as welcome e-mails.🤖 Event registration.🤖 Assigning more nuanced customer support tasks to the right employees.🤖 Triaging IT help desk tickets.🤖 Compliance reporting (or at least gathering the relevant data from multiple sources).🤖 Database and equipment maintenance.

🤖 Inbound sales procedures – emails, video, designs.🤖 Lead nurturing.🤖 Customer support.🤖 Email responding and signatures.🤖 Online forms.🤖 Offers creation.🤖 Updating contact information.🤖 Creating presentations.🤖 Research and news (we call it “micro education” on daily basis).🤖 Scanning documents.🤖 Summaries of documents and emails and meetings.🤖 And many more.

Contact us.

Fill in the form to book a call. And we will also send you the list of the most common AI tools we use for our customers.

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